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    Countryside Roleplay Donation Packages

    Donation Packages


    1. Level 1 VIP -- Bronze ($5)
      • Additional Inventory Slots
      • VIP Usergroup on the Forums
      • VIP Role on the Discord
      • Two week extension for house inactivity

      Level 2 VIP -- Silver ($10)
      • Bronze perks, plus...
      • Even more inventory slots
      • Four week extension for house inactivity

      Level 3 VIP -- Gold ($15)
      • Bronze and Silver perks, plus...
      • Five week extension for house inactivity
      • A free business


    1. Get Started Package ($6.49)
      • 1 house, worth max of $15,000
      • 1 pickup truck
      • $1,000 in game cash

      Business Package ($12.49)
      • 1 Private business**
      • $10,000 (in-game) cash

      Organization Package ($19.99)
      • 1 Private* organization (legal or illegal)
      • An organization headquarters***
      • Three faction vehicles

      This package is contingent on available faction slots. It is recommended that prior to donating for this package, you consult with Shplink so that you can be assured there is a slot available

    If you wish to donate to Countryside Roleplay, please use the FOLLOWING LINK

    * Personally owned organization, not a public organization or law enforcement
    ** Limitations may be set forth by Countryside Roleplay administrators to prevent the monopolizing of businesses
    *** Limitations may be set forth by Countryside Roleplay administrators dependent on HQ location.

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    1. Any PLAYER who shall have donated to the SERVER, hereinafter referred to as a DONATOR, shall understand that the SERVER enforces a general no-refund policy.
    2. There shall be certain circumstances of which the BOARD may provide the DONATOR with a refund:
      1. If the SERVER stops its operation prior to the usage of the money which was donated
        1. In this case, the DONATOR shall only receive the amount that was not used.
    3. Any attempt by a DONATOR to issue a chargeback through PAYPAL shall be met with an immediate ban from the SERVER. In addition, the BOARD shall dispute the chargeback.
    4. Any person who donates for the SERVER shall abide by these refund policies. Any breach of the policies may result in a person not receiving their package and, in conjunction, possible punitive actions on the server.
    5. Any person who donates agrees that they do so willingly and through their own conscious state of mind.

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