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    Staff Roster

    Staff Roster


    Lead Administrator

    Liam Castleford (Ben) | Faction Moderator

    Game Administrator

    Myers (Chloe Myers)
    Audience (Jonell Horwitz)

    Trial Administrator

    Hezzie (Ralph McPherson)
    Saja (Saja Jones)


    Megan Forward | Lead Tester
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    10/07/2018 - Myers has reinstated as a Game Administrator
    10/07/2018 - Toonix has been hired as Trial Administrator
    10/08/2019 - Megan Forward has been hired as a Community Tester
    10/09/2018 - Hezzie has been hired as a Trial Administrator
    10/09/2018 - Saja has been hired as a Trial Administrator
    10/09/2018 - Ben has been promoted to a Lead Administrator and assigned to the Department of Faction Management
    10/11/2018 - Toonix has been fired
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