Roleplaying Recorders/Recordings

It shall be a policy on Countryside Roleplay that any person who has claimed to be recording through some form of in character(IC) means, including but not limited to:
  • Any video-recording device including cell phones, video cameras, dash cams, etcetera
  • Any picture-capturing device including cell phones, cameras, etcetera
  • Any audio-recording device including cell phones, audio recorders, etcetera

Must be required upon request from an administrator to provide visual evidence of said recording including, but not limited to: Screenshots, Videos, etcetera. This footage must contain /timestamp and be unaltered so as to give an accurate portrayal of the roleplay scenario.

If no footage can be provided for a scenario, the recording shall be nullified for the reason of Powergaming(PG).

Any person who attempts to utilize recording through roleplay without providing visual evidence, as mentioned before, shall be subjected to the punishment consistent with Powergaming.