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    Countryside Roleplay v0.9.3

    Version 0.9.3

    - Drug Addiction (You can now get addicted to a drug if you use it too frequently)
    - Drug Bonuses (Cocaine gives you 5% less damage when hit, Steroids give you 7% less damage. You can now also CJ run for 5 minutes while being on Cocaine/Steroids)
    - Empty Gas Cans
    - Players that haven't spawned in will now have the grey color on the tablist.
    - Added a special slot for the phone that appears in your hand when in a call (Now your shades won't despawn if you call someone)
    - Made it so gas station business owners can set the price of their gas.
    - Added a message that is sent to a player who is attempting to PM a tabbed/AFK player.
    - Added a OOC message when entering death mode, informing who injured you and with what weapon.
    - Added a message when changing a product price in your business, informing you how much of the money will go to the government and how much to profit.

    - There will no longer be an announcement when someone goes on taxi duty
    - You won't go off taxi duty if you exit your vehicle anymore
    - Fixed the billboard system that allowed you to only own one billboard at the time
    - Fixed the paycheck message that didn't show job pay if you were in a faction
    - Fixed the bug where the hood/trunk of a vehicle would stay open.
    - Fixed players opening the wrong hood (/hood)
    - Fixed the saving & loading of custom sirens on vehicles
    - Raised the maximum amount of tickets per player.
    - Tabbed/AFK players won't receive play time anymore.


    - Fixed accessories being bugged (Not able to toggle them)
    - Fixed drug effects being passed when doing /switchchar
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