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    Thank You, Wilson

    Greetings Players of Countryside Roleplay,

    Every once and a while you find a person that goes above and beyond the call of duty and puts the interests of their peers and those around them ahead of their own personal gains. These types of people will dedicate countless hours and spend endless days and nights focusing on a goal reinforcing a belief.

    There is a person like that who has been a part of Countryside Roleplay since its inception very many years ago and he is still with us today. He is currently a staff member and even though he didn’t want to be, he has served as a Lead Administrator for a while now.

    However, as of today, I am formally recognizing the resignation of Jason Wilson, also known as Wilson. I want to thank him for his contributions to the staff team as a whole of Countryside Roleplay. While his no-bullshit attitude was seen as being rude and a donkey, it did help instill a sense of order in the staff team that really drove the structure to a new place. In addition, his constant advisement as my right-hand man and his wise words of wisdom helped keep me sane during points when I felt the complete opposite.

    Most importantly, Wilson did the unthinkable and stepped up to assume the mantle of Community Manager when I had to step away for an extended time due to personal obligations. I know this is something he did not have to do and even though it was something he’d probably never do again, I want to let everyone as well as him know that I truly appreciate his efforts he gave as a Community Manager.

    Wilson now steps down to assume his role as the Sheriff of the Bone County Sheriff’s Office to walk among the players and be a guiding figure in this community. And I truly hope that his experiences continue to be filled with pleasure and excitement as Countryside Roleplay continues into the summer.


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