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    Our Merge & Future Plans

    Greetings Players of Countryside Roleplay,

    As we approach the summer; we have big plans for the server, as our playerbase begins to expand, we would like to announce the GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS are beginning to get closer. There will be a whole new announcement regarding this later on this month.
    Countryside Roleplay has made it official that they have merged with Essential Roleplay; after a big discussion with the Management teams, they decided to give it a try, this does by no means mean this is PERMANENT, instead you could say this is a trial, however I promise to bring my passion in leading a server towards this one and bring it a brighter future.

    Future Plans
    We are beginning to discuss more and more about In Character Events, which we discovered the playerbase really enjoyed and still does enjoy! We find this great however, we can't host events all the time, so instead we decided to bring back the action and tell you we are in need of Organizations, you could have your chance at leading one; please do apply on the forums when you feel like it.

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