Dear Players of Countryside Roleplay,

Recently, we have been the welcoming hosts of a server that was also a Heavy RP server entitled Essential Roleplay. Their owner, Arky, was invited to this server as a Head Administrator because he was someone that seemed to have similar ideals to the principles of Countryside Roleplay.

However, through the course of several days, we noticed this not to be true. Arky seemed to be acting in a manner that did not reflect the standards of Countryside Roleplay due to constant rule breaking and potential abuse to appear as if he were lagging. This was observed through several interactions between Arky and the Bone County Sheriff’s Office as well as the general operations of the server and his person.

It is with this thought that the administration team and the Office of Server Management have decided to remove Arky from the Administration Team. While we appreciate the assistance and the added hype for Countryside Roleplay, we can not sacrifice quality for quantity.

However, just because Arky is not going to be an admin does not mean that this merge is still not wanted. We do want to encourage all players who have arrived from Essential Roleplay to remain on Countryside Roleplay because of the fact that Countryside Roleplay is genuinely here to support the players and to become a place for Heavy Roleplay.

In order to help show that we are not simply screwing over another server, I would like to now present the information and evidence we have to support our beliefs.

This video is an example of other players performing admin-approved screenshot abusing for a comparison

Thank you,