Apologies from the Office of Server Management

The Office of Server Management wishes to fully apologize. In version 0.7, we attempted to create a new system that would make it so that a player could not /engine a car that was not theirs. As a result, we also created the /hotwire command to allow players the ability to hotwire a car. However, when I created the system I was negligent and in my excitement I broke the system. Despite many attempts to fix /engine and /hotwire, I realized that there were too many issues that were happening faster than I could fix them.

As a result, version 0.7(b) has been published to restore the /engine system to what it was prior to the update. In addition, /hotwire has been temporarily disabled.

With that said, I have a brand new developer named @Sean Who is probably better at scripting than I am. We have been talking and we feel confident that we can work on and develop a new major update, version 0.8, by next week. The Development Team will be meeting later today to discuss the plan. We hope that this update will coincide with the server advertisement that will be published on Saturday, November 10