A Message of Thanks

Today is a special holiday to some. Thanksgiving. And on this day, I want to reflect on our server.

I have been so happy with how our server has turned out. From our dedicated players who are always in game, regardless of player count, to all of our new players who are being entrenched by what we offer.

Countryside Roleplay has a lot of players to thank for this. @Sean for choosing to come out of samp retirement and help us with our server. @Wilson for always providing an able hand. @KriegieGirl for being my second-in-command. Even former developers who contributed should be thanked for helping make this server that much better. This has been one of my favorite experiences both as a player and as a server owner. If anyone asked me what I would change, honestly the only thing I would change would be making it so school isn't so time-consuming so I could spend more of my days in-game with all of you.

But most importantly, I can't thank people without thanking you -- the players. It is you who comes in, it is you who created these experiences. This environment. And honestly, I have had a genuinely amazing experience with a lot of the players.

So what will Countryside Roleplay do to honor Thanksgiving? Well today, I will try to hop in game. If not today, I will certainly be in Friday or Saturday. But if I come in today, every player who is in game will be automatically entered into a raffle. We will run the Community Meeting raffle and then the Thanksgiving raffle. The Thanksgiving prize is yet to be determined, but we will have an idea by the time we start it.
In addition, we will be holding a special roleplay event on Saturday, November 24th to commemorate Thanksgiving by having a Thanksgiving parade through Main St. of Fort Carson. More details will be published later today or tomorrow.

From the CSRP Management team, we thank you sincerely.
Happy Thanksgiving, Countryside Roleplay