Regarding the Bone County Government

Players of Countryside Roleplay,

The Server Management team has taken notice of the recent and severe inactivity of the elected Bone County Government. We have tried to remain patient with the Bone County Government, but we realize that certain roleplays are being put at a standstill because of the lack of activity. As a result, the current Bone County Government will be purged.

As a result, the Bone County Government shall fall to the direction of the CSRP Administration team until such time that we find four qualified and active people to take the reins of Government. This means that Government duties will start being taken care of and that anybody who was in the Government is being removed from the faction, effective immediately.

The reason that the Server Management team has taken so long to rule on this issue is because we have really wanted to do our best to stay out of roleplay. But it is the interpretation of the Server Management team that with no roleplay taking place from the Government, there is not any roleplay for us to interfere in. We apologize for all of the inconveniences.

Office of Server Management
Countryside Roleplay