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Thread: Upcoming Events

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    Upcoming Events

    Countryside Roleplay
    Player Relations Department

    The Player Relations Department is happy to announce some events that will be coming in our future. Our goal is to let the players have a good time in game and also get rewarded for their loyalty! Here are some of the events with a brief introduction of each one.

    Extreme Weather Event Oh no! The San Andreas State Government has just warned of a sandstorm heading towards Bone County! Proper precautions are advised.
    Concert Event Your favorite artist is coming to Bone County. Make sure you grab your tickets and head to the venue!
    Car Show Just modded up your car you got at the impound auction? Come show it off.
    Mystery Event Ever wonder what is really happening in the desert? Is it a ghost or just a mirage? Put the puzzles together to find the truth!
    Air Show Ever heard of the Blue Angels? Well they're not coming. But we have George in his stunt plane! Wow he sure is coming close!
    Crash Landing Event That air show really makes me want to get a plane, let's welcome the first aircraft dealership! Wait..George sure is coming really close to the town..
    Bone County Marathon/Triathlon George sure is lucky to be alive! He's going to use his new legs to do his first Triathlon! I sure hope those new legs don't get stuck in the pedals.

    Each event will have an announcement of its own. These announcements can be both IC and OOC but all of the events are to be treated as IC at all times.
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