Community Meeting -- January 4, 2019

Dear Players of Countryside Roleplay,

This message is to inform all members of Countryside Roleplay that on Friday, January 4th, 2019 at 7:00 pm server time, the Community Management of Countryside Roleplay will host a communitywide meeting on our Teamspeak Server (click the link to connect to the server).

The following topics will be among the discussions at the meeting:
  • Organizations
  • Development
  • Staff Positions
  • Server Advertisement (will be posted following the meeting)
  • Donations
  • And possibly more

All players who attend this meeting shall be entered into a 2019 raffle where they will receive a special prize that will be unveiled at the meeting itself. If there are any questions, please contact Shplink via email or Discord message.

Community Manager
Countryside Roleplay