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    Roleplay Enforcement

    Roleplay Enforcement

    The following are the rules surrounding roleplaying, the level of roleplay this server maintains, and what happens to people who aren't here to roleplay.

    Roleplay Level
    Countryside Roleplay maintains a high standard of roleplay. All players are expected to:
    1. fully understand what the roleplay commands are intended for and how to use them (/me /do etc);
    2. fully understand the in character chat and how it is supposed to be used (normal chat and /shout);
    3. develop their own character story, wether in writing or in their mind (admins may request you explain your actions).
    Countryside Roleplay is not a training ground, this is a high standard roleplay community that we intend to keep as so, and players not meeting this standard actively impede the roleplayers of this server at their ability to enjoy their roleplay. Admins may Kick, or Jail players for 30 minutes for not meeting the roleplay level. If a player is spotted once more not being able to meet the standards of this server they may be banned. A player banned for this offense can only be unbanned when shown to understand how roleplay works.

    Roleplay to Win
    This server is strongly against "roleplay to win" which is a structured roleplay with the intent to give the other party no choice or chance in a roleplay scene, an example would be roleplaying your character as special forces and using that to give your own character an unrealistic edge over others, or roleplaying things that are unrealistic such as lowering your bat on the ground and then attempting to hit an arresting officer in the knee while doing so. When it's been determined that a player is "Roleplaying to Win" they may be jailed up to 60 minutes depending on the severity.

    Not here to Roleplay
    If you are not here to roleplay you are not welcome. This means if a person just jokes once that they may be kicked or jailed depending on the severity. But if we see more than one attempt in a day, and a person clearly not learning from their mistakes, or a very serious offense that makes it clear right away that they are not here to roleplay we will ban them.
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