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    Player Boundaries

    Player Boundaries

    Anyone outside of player bounds (the mapped in borders) voluntarily, by own choice is not eligible for admin help. In some cases a player may even be punished for actions outside of these borders.

    Eligibility for Help
    If a player is outside of the player boundaries involuntarily they are eligible for admin help, but if they are there voluntarily they are not.


    1) A police chase is going on, the player goes outside the bounds, the police continues the pursuit. 

    • The player is there voluntarily, he drove in the direction of and escaped out of the bounds they shouldn’t be going out of, therefore ineligible for admin help (when getting stuck, when they escaped and their car broke down, etc.)

    • The Police Officer (or Sheriff’s Deputy) is involuntarily there, he is busy doing his job as a law enforcement officer, chasing down the suspect, and therefore has no choice in the matter.
    2) A hacker makes a player fly out of player bounds.
    • The player has no choice in the matter and was flown out without him being able to do anything about it thus is eligible for admin help.
    3) A player notices a house, a car, or anything else outside the player bounds that he would like to retrieve. 

    • The player has a choice in the matter and thus will not be helped to do so, furthermore, if admins notice a person has purchased a house or other property outside the player bounds it may be sold or deleted without notice.

    With the Purpose to Win/Gain
    This server is strongly against "roleplay to win" and going outside of the bounds to hide things from the police or other service or person is considered to be part of that same policy.

    1) A player plants their drugs outside of player bounds to ensure it's not seen by other people or Law Enforcement Officers,
    2) A player is afraid of the cops finding their drugs, weapons or other illegal items thus places them outside of player bounds, wether inside of a house, car or plain on the ground,

    A player had a choice in the matter and has a clear motive in mind to abuse the "jurisdictional borders". There are enough hiding places in Bone County that Law Enforcers don’t actively search, and places law enforcers may simply not enter without a warrant. Furthermore those jurisdictions in real life would have Law Enforcers actively patrolling it much like the BCSO does in Bone County, thus completely unrealistic to go there. Anything may be removed during or after the fact, in cases this severe an admin may actually fine a player an additional sum up to $50000 and/or oocly imprison the player for 30 minutes.
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