Forum Additions
January 10, 2019

Dear Players of Countryside Roleplay,

On Thursday, January 10th, the Countryside Roleplay forums underwent a short maintenance period. The reason for this maintenance was because there have been some recent introductions of new forum features. Below, the features will be briefly detailed.

vBActivity is a feature that allows the creation of forum achievements and awards that can be received by any registered user of the Countryside Roleplay forums. While it is still technically under construction, the Countryside Roleplay Community Management team, in coordination with the Director of Player Relations, would like to introduce SEVEN achievements that will be available upon official launch of the vBActivity feature:
  • Welcome to Countryside Roleplay (Receive this achievement for registering on the forums)
  • First Thread! (Receive this achievement for creating your first thread on the forums!)
  • Ten Threads! (Receive this award for creating 10 threads on the forums)
  • Getting Around! (Receive this award for adding and confirming three friends on the forums)
  • They Will Come (Receive this achievement by being listed as a referral 3 times by registering users)
  • They're Talking About You (Receive this achievement by being mentioned three times)
  • Happy Anniversary! (Receive this award for being a registered user for 365 days/one year)

Top Poster of the Year/Month
In addition to being able to brag about your forum activity, awards, and achievements, you will also be have the opportunity to brag about being the top poster for the month or even the year. This new feature can be found under Quick Links which tracks your posts and ranks you among other users who have posted on any given month/year.

Automatic Timezone Detection
This feature is small, but can save so much time! Now, when a new user registers on the forums, their timezone will be automatically detected and set without requiring the user to manually input the timezone

Office of Community Management
Countryside Roleplay