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    Countryside Roleplay v0.9

    Version 0.9

    - Car color hack detector
    - Greyscale chat with distance
    - Automatic system that kicks players who are using VPNs
    - Mystery event
    - Small number of vehicles added to the "crate carry-able" list
    - Senior Admins are able to reset a player's in game password
    - Added a freeze time when entering an interior to avoid players falling through the ground
    - Added an ability for BCSO to impound trailers

    - Removed the radio message on placement of /roadblock and added Sheriff's Line
    - Changed the color in the textdraw of "Countryside Roleplay" from red to orange for "Roleplay"
    - Completely revamped fuel system with usage of liters and consumption
    - Changed the variety of fishes that can be caught with the Fishing Job
    - Changed the crate type "Drug Seeds", now the crates with drugs will be specific types of drugs and not all of them
    - Tow fix (now you can either do /tow or /tow [ID])
    - Players can now /park their trailers
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