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    The Missing Caravan

    Countryside Roleplay
    Player Relations Department

    On behalf of the Player Relations team here at Countryside Roleplay we are proud to officially announce and release 'The Missing Caravan' event! The event is a mystery event that is designed for the players to figure out riddles to solve the mystery of a caravan that has went missing. Where will it lead? There is only one way to find out.

    The event is designed to be roleplayed as there is a story that goes along as you solve it. The first three people to solve the mystery will receive an award on the forums along with other goodies! The rest of the people who solve the mystery will also receive a small reward on their in-game account.

    Once the event has been solved by a fair amount of people, it will be closed and not re-opened. More events like this will be made if feedback is fair from the missing caravan.

    With this being said, the following is how you can begin your hunt to solve 'The Missing Caravan'. Use the commands /solve /clue to solve this mystery!

    Post a screenshot of your finish date/time to claim your rewards in the general discussion!

    The Big Ear is requesting some assistance from anyone who can help solve a mystery. There has been some reports of missing people in Bone County. We have decoded some message that might lead somewhere. Are you up for the challenge?

    Good hunting!

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    The Missing Caravan was Countryside Roleplay's first mystery event. Due to the amazing feedback I got from the people who finished the event, we will be trying to do another one but with better rewards and harder puzzles! I hope everyone enjoyed the event, and below you will see the top 4 people who finished and their rewards. To claim your rewards please make an administrative request on the forums so we can keep track.

    Player Position Time Completed Reward
    Scott Saldutti (Dapper) 1st January 17th 2019 8:01 Server Time $10,000 In-Game - 1st Place Award on the forums
    Andrei Smeck (Lunat1Q) 2nd January 17th 2019 16:30 Server Time $5,000 In-Game - 2nd Place Award on the forums
    Liam Holley (Liam) 3rd February 11th 2019 18:38 Server Time $3,500 In-Game - 3rd Place Award on the forums
    Henry Lewis Cavell(DannyUK) 4th February 11th 2019 18:38 Server Time $2,000 In-Game

    Thank you to all who participated, we will keep the event live until the release of the next event just so everyone can have the same excitement as we all did.

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