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    In need of new Gangs

    January 23, 2019

    Dear Players of Countryside Roleplay,

    We as a community are reaching out to you, we need more criminal 'organization' roleplay in the server. That's why we ask you to bring your friends over that are great at this, or finally take the shot to try make an organization yourself.

    We are still really looking for gangs to fill our criminal environment. We’re mainly we’re looking for lower end gangs as our county is quite small, the Sheriff’s Office is quite small also.
 It wouldn’t make much sense to RP a Cartel or enormous mafia with ever stretching powers if the roleplay environment doesn’t suit it for example. We’re looking for typical groups you could find in the countryside, bikers, hillbillies, etc. I’m sure y’all can think of some creative things to do in the county. But needless to say we’re looking for all kinds of criminal RP.

    Incentive Program
    For the first 2 gangs that sign up we have an incentive program:

    • Willingness to allow a minimum of 2 gang members with the intent to grow.
    • More frequent crate deliveries (this month).

    Hillbilly/farmer gang extra incentives:
    • A farm

    • 2 Waltons
    • 1 Red Yosimite

    Biker gang extra incentives:
    • Lil probe inn

    • 2 Freeways
    • 1 black Burrito

    Other creative countryside related gang:
    • Can be discussed, something equivalent to those gangs above.

    Apply here (click here). If you need any more information please contact me on discord.

    Director of Human Resources
    Acting Head of Factions
    Countryside Roleplay
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