Return to the Hosted Tab

Dear Players of Countryside Roleplay,

As the Community Manager of Countryside Roleplay, it is very important to keep working with my staff and the Director of Innovation to work on the present and future of Countryside Roleplay. Previously, Countryside Roleplay did have a Hosted status but we let it go. After much deliberation with the staff team, one of our staff members has graciously donated to help us acquire the Hosted tab for the month of February. As a result, I am here to officially declare that Countryside Roleplay will be returning to the San Andreas Multiplayer Hosted Tab!!

For those who are unaware, the hosted tab is a special tab of San Andreas Multiplayer that helps put us in a more prominently featured place. This allows more random players to be able to find our server and join in an enjoy our services!

In addition to our Hosted Tab, we are also opening our survey for the month of January. In order to fill out the survey, please go to this GOOGLE FORM. As normal, we are including an option to enter a Raffle that will have an undisclosed prize.

We look forward to the next month of Countryside Roleplay and want to thank you all for joining us on this experience!

Community Manager
Countryside Roleplay