Refer-A-Friend System

Players of Countryside Roleplay,

One of the parts of Countryside Roleplay that makes us able to continue is the amount of players that we have. And we do believe that one way to get more players is by you, the player, inviting friends to join our community. And today, we want to provide incentives for you to invite your friends to this community.

When you invite your friend to this community, you are encouraged to fill out our new PLAYER REFERRAL SUBMISSION. You will fill out this form as the person who is referring another player. In order for this referral to be considered VALID the player you refer must meet the following requirements:
  • The player must have at least eight (8) playing hours; and
  • The player must have never been referred before; and
  • The player account must not have been created before February 8, 2019.

By making valid referrals, you begin to become eligible for various reward levels. Once you achieve one of these levels, you become eligible for the next level. There are THREE valid levels that you can be eligible for, which are detailed below with their rewards:

LEVEL ONE: Refer Three (3) Friends
One vehicle that has a value of no more than $5,000
One small house that has a value of no more than $10,000

LEVEL TWO: Refer Six (6) Friends
One medium house that has a value of no more than $30,000

LEVEL THREE: Refer Ten (10) Friends
One free business (subject to the approval of the Head of Property Management) OR eligible to receive an organization slot.

NOTE: All packages are subject to change. If we find there are any inconsistencies or soliciting of other servers to fulfill these referrals then we reserve the right to invalidate the referrals that we suspect are related to the solicitation.

Community Manager
Countryside Roleplay