Dear Players of Countryside Roleplay,

After listening to the critique and criticism of the players on the topic of server growth, one consistent theme is staff activity. While I have always tried my best to be as active as I could, I made a self-realization that the reality is that I am not sufficiently active to really qualify as active.

As such, without going into a lot of details, I am taking the time to announce that I will officially be stepping down from my position as the Community Manager of Countryside Roleplay to allow for true growth and development to occur under the rightful eye of another trusted and qualified individual. This individual is tougher than I am, but his goals and ideals are in alignment with mine and I feel very confident in trusting the position to Wilson.

In addition, I will be serving as the Head of Player Relations and remain as consistent support through web-services, teamspeak, discord, and basically everything that is not the server. I will be taking the time to focus more on what is going on in my personal life without being selfish and keeping a position that I was not able to keep up.

I was told that I helped bring Countryside Roleplay back to its feet and while that is flattering, the truth is that I did not do it alone. While it is true that I went above and beyond to help the server, the other part of the truth is that the contributions of staff and player alike helped grow Countryside Roleplay to the server that it is today. Without the contributions of our Developers, Faction Leaders, active staff members and players, Countryside Roleplay would be just any other server. But as it is, Countryside Roleplay -- while small -- is truly an excellent place and community to be apart of.

This change is not going to be permanent. I do intend to return to the position on May 11, 2019 when my time is more free and I can truly contribute to Countryside Roleplay like I did before.

I wish everyone the best and I will see all of you around.