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    Character Kill / Player Kill

    Character Kill / Player Kill

    The following are the rules surrounding "Character Kills" and "Player Kills/Injuries"

    Character Kill
    Character Killing is defined as killing off a character and that the character is dead and no longer can be used, just like as a real person would die. A CK can happen when the owner of the character consents to be killed. When a character is CK'd, the following happens:
    • Character name is to never be used again
    • All IC items are removed (cash, businesses, houses, cars, etc.)
    Under very rare circumstances, a level 5 or higher administrator can approve a "force CK" which forces someone to lose their character. This is to only happen in very rare circumstances, and some parts of the character kill can be avoided as a compensation.

    Player Kill
    Many servers know this “standard” as a means of dealing with random deaths. We do not agree with this analogy. It promotes NON RP and people unreasonably preferring death over the alternate options. When a person “dies” they are in fact “sent to the hospital, and were injured” they forget 30 minutes of their knowledge of the scene, however everyone else is still allowed to know what happened. This means a cop may still arrest you. And a criminal may still threaten you.

    All forms of killing yourself by your own hands are considered CK when death incurs. This means jumping from a large mountain in an attempt to kill oneself, drowning to kill oneself, amongst others.
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